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Meditations & 

These Meditations & Visualisations are specifically for you to start to embody the practice of IFS and Somatic IFS into your daily living

Other meditations and visualisations are also included on this site

You are free to listen at your own leisure

These recordings have been made using a variety of content from IFS Books & Somatic IFS Books

Opening to Somatic Awareness

This recording is to support you to tune into your body and notice sensations in your body


This guided visulation is to support you connect with your body

Higher Self Meditation

This meditation is to help you connect with the most highest version of you

Parts in the body

This recording is to help you find a part in your body and get to know it a little better

Heart Connection 

This guided meditation is to support your overall wellbeing and connection to your heart

Loving Kindness Meditation


Opening to Somatic Awareness
00:00 / 06:00
Parts in the Body
00:00 / 06:23
Body Breath
00:00 / 12:30
Heart Connection
00:00 / 11:22
Higher Self Meditation
00:00 / 13:58
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