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Embody Self Leadership


A 6 week Experiential Small Group Series


This 6 week series is designed to help you really and truly step into yourSELF


Sometimes in this world we lose our centre, we forget who we are, we disempower ourselves because we don’t trust who we really are in essence.


I want to help you really learn, relearn and embody true and pure love with your inner self and knowing


If you really want to come back into alignment with yourself, surrender to your TRUTH, welcoming in the parts of you that you fear and find the ROOT cause of what holds you back from transforming your life….. this 6 week series is a wonderful starting point for you to dive deep into yourSELF


This 6 week Experiential Small Group Series will incorporate a variety of practices including

  • Uncovering your true beliefs about yourSELF and working with Energy Psychology to support you to transform your beliefs into realistic TRUTHS

  • Trusting your Body to give you the answers that are right for your life

  • Learning how to work with your own Self Energy and parts of yourself

  • Finding the right supports to help you on your healing journey rather than “reactive” practices

  • Discover the TRUE root cause of problems that you seem to face over and over again and cant seem to get to the bottom of them despite all of your hard work and efforts

  • Taking full responsibility for your own healing and learning ways to put yourself at the centre of your healing

  • Facing your fears and resistance as teachers and mentors and really allowing them into your system to support you through change

The 6 week series will incorporate a variety of practices including

  • IFS (Parts work)

  • Energy Psychology & Medicine

  • Breathwork suitable for everyone

  • Somatic Practices

  • Meditation (The IFS way)

  • Practices to do in between sessions at home

  • Takeaway materials including exercises, tools and meditations to listen to when you need

Although I am a registered Psychotherapist & IFS Therapist, please note that this series is not a replacement for 1:1 Therapy.  If you are seeing a therapist please do not stop attending without discussion from your therapist.

I recommend that you make yourself available for the 6 week period to fully immerse yourself in the series.  The sessions will be 2 – 2.5 hours in length every Thursday evening from 6.30pm – 8.30pm (approx.)

I will be suggesting practices to do throughout the week so I highly recommend that you fully embrace this and allow yourself ample space and time to dive deep.

This is a small group program and numbers will be limited (6 maximum) I like to keep my offerings small as I believe that with smaller groups we can together create a rich, nurturing and supportive experience for one another. The sessions will NOT be recorded as this is not a passive learning.  It is deep nurturing and experiential work.

The sessions will be held online so you will need a dedicated space where you have privacy.  I understand that some people have a little resistance to online programs and I completely get it! Trust me I had resistance to it also and then I realised it was a part of me that craved connection.

I’ve recently come out of some deep intense training recently which was facilitated online.  I am now converted and absolutely believe that we can create a meaningful connection with one another through the online space. However, there will be a little twist where we will get to meet each other in person aswell 😊   


When? Thursday Evenings 6.30pm – 8.30/9pm (ish)

          17th Feb, 24th Feb, 3rd March, 10th March, 17th March, 24th March

Cost: $333

Payment Plan is available and open now

$133 – Deposit to secure (once you pay your deposit your place is secured)

$100 – 1st February

$100 – 15th February


If you are truly interested in me helping and supporting your self healing,  I would love for you to join me in this collective collaboration in a journey to yourSELF

click the link below to join us on the journey 

much love 


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