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Suzanne offers Psychotherapy, IFS & Somatic IFS - Internal Family Systems,  Psychedelic Integration, 
Sound Therapy, Breathw
ork, Somatic School & Workshops
in Perth & Online Worldwide

Sanctuary of Embodied Therapies


Led with Compassion, Courage & Curiosity


 "When you understand that you are not sick or defective and instead see that you merely have a part playing an extreme role, you'll feel relieved and comforted"
Richard Schwartz 

How this work can help you

If you are in a place in your life now where you would like to support yourself mentally, emotionally, physically or spiritually and you have already explored traditional therapies, an integrative approach that uses IFS as the foundations of our work together may be very helpful to you.


IFS - Internal Family Systems, Psychotherapy, Sound Therapy and Breathwork can offer you space to address your mental wellbeing and space to embody approaches that allow opportunity to explore different aspects of who you are in a way that is non pathologising

These modalities can offer you new ways of moving through emotions, reframing old beliefs and ways of being in the world

In our work together you are going to be supported by someone who is Trauma trained, informed and has experience working with a variety of concerns including

  • Trauma & Attachment Wounds 

  • Physical ,Emotional & Psychological Abuse 

  • Anxiety & Depression

  • Chronic Illness & Autoimmune Concerns

  • Eating Distress, Body Image & Relationship with Food

  • Guilt, Shame & Self Criticism

  • Migrants living away from home

  • Spiritual Emergency , Spiritual Concerns & Existential Anxiety

  • Integrating Psychedelic Experiences

  • Ancestral & Legacy Wounds


As a therapist I use IFS as the foundations of our work together and incorporate it into Psychotherapy, Breathwork and Sound Therapy. Combining these approaches support you to be led by your own intuitive knowing and support you to potentially heal from trauma, move through emotions and reframe old beliefs in a way that incorporates your body, mind and spirit


IFS always takes a foundational place in the work that I do and I believe that there are other ways of working that blend very well with IFS. The beauty of having a variety of modalities to choose from is that you have the options to choose just one modality or a number of these modalities to support you in your Self Healing Journey.


What to expect if we work together

Working with me involves an initial consultation for us to meet and discuss what your hopes, needs and desires are for your life and how therapy may be of help to you. You have many options if you decide to work with me which include Psychotherapy, IFS, Sound Therapy, Breathwork, Psychedelic Integration Support and other forms of Therapy than lend from a variety of models that I have studied over the years 

Sometimes I will suggest things for you to consider and implement in between sessions as the work that I offer is process orientated work as well as embodying changes into your daily life. 

When you work with me, you set the pace, if the work is too fast or too slow for you this feedback is always very welcome, in fact it is crucial for your own Self Healing Journey. 

Its important to know that because the work I offer is process orientated and embodiment driven it looks very different to therapy that is purely solution focussed and goal orientated 

Process Orientated Therapy allows you to integrate and embody changes over time in a trauma sensitive way.

As an Integrative Therapist my role is to hold an emotional container for you as you navigate and explore parts of yourself, emotions, behaviours and experiences that you might find challenging to do alone.  Integrative Therapy is an opportunity to explore your past, present and future and also to look at specific issues and concerns in your life. It is also an opportunity for you to explore these concerns on a deep level  to help you understand yourself, your world and relationships

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