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Sound Therapy 


Integrative Therapies
Supporting your journey back to yourself

Somatic Therapies, Breathwork & Sound Therapy are all offerings that I make available to you if we are working together. Integrative Therapies can offer you the chance to explore yourself in a deeper way.  It can be an opportunity for you to move through and express yourself in a way that is grounded, supportive and in alignment with the true nature of who you are at the core of your being. I also use IFS as my guiding tool to help you check in with all aspects of your being and ensure there is agreement from parts who are involved in your therapeutic sessions. 


Sound Therapy

Sound Therapy incorporates the use of a variety of Sound Instruments and musical instrument to support a person bring their body back to a state of balance and equilibrium. Sound Therapy is also a means to balancing both hemispheres of the brain and in conjunction with talk therapy can be another therapeutic way of working that will support you on your healing journey


Integral Sound Therapy can be a stand alone therapy in itself or used in conjunction with Psychotherapy. Integral Sound Therapy is Trauma sensitive and aims to treat the whole person and not just the symptoms that a person would present.  It can address the cause of the imbalance.  


Trauma Sensitive Sound Therapy is used to facilitate a process for a person to heal themselves.  Research knows 80% of serious physical and mental health challenges are high stress and supressed emotions which are connected with a trauma that has been experienced in the past.  (facts Harvard Medical Institute)


Chronic Stress and supressed emotions  are addressed during Integral Sound Therapy Sessions and deals with the underlying causes of health issues. 

Physically the waves and the vibrations can reach the body on a cellular level (our body is made up of more than 70% water so it can reach our cells 4 times faster than if it were to travel through air) clearing trauma and bringing the body back into balance by calming inflammation and relieving pain. Sound also relaxes muscles tissues and promotes blood and lymph circulation and it balances the autonomic nervous system.  


Sound as reported by some people may energise, relax, inspire, motivate and rejuvenate us amongst other things.  The power of our intention for the Sound session can have a huge impact on what we experience.

One of the main instruments I use are Gongs. The gong is said to be more than a musical instrument.  There is the possibility that it is an agent of transformation and when it is played the body mind and spirit change.  The purpose of the gong is not to entertain but more to transport you somewhere in order for reintegration to occur.

Breathwork for Wellness

How Breathwork can help you

In todays world there are many forms of breathwork on offer which are fantastic for balancing the nervous system and reducing stress in our lives. “Breathwork” is an umbrella term and there are many different forms of breathing that are used for lots of different purposes .  There are many different breathing styles and techniques and many people use different styles of breathing for different purposes

The type of breathwork I facilitate is Therapeutic Breathwork

So what does that actually mean ?

So really simply put,  is that we use a variety of breathing techniques that not only support us to feel connected to our physical body but also helps us clear , balance and release any emotional debris such as anxiety, stress, depression and trauma that is stored in the body. Breathwork also supports us to balance the autonomic nervous system for balance and restoration of the body.

The style of breathing does not replace psychotherapy but it supports psychotherapy sessions where sometimes words fail us or we cannot find an expression through talk therapy  that is of benefit

Therapeutic Breathwork aims to focus on our psychological, emotional and physical wellbeing and processing our emotions where we do not have to attach it to a story or a series of events.

When we experience Therapeutic breathwork we are in full trust that whatever arises for us in the moment , presents itself to be healed and cleared 

 Breathwork can be done in conjunction with Psychotherapy or can be done as a stand alone therapy. 


So how can BREATHWORK & Breathing Techniques help you?

Breathwork can help you in a number of ways including


  • Reduces anxiety, depression, grief and anger

  • Improves digestion

  • Releases toxins from the body

  • Reduces pain

  • Releases trauma and trapped emotions

  • Improves sleep

  • Increases self awareness, self love, motivation

  • Increases energy levels and boosts the immune system


How you breathe can definitely impact your life and is a great way to practice self care.

Breathwork and breathing techniques are also very effective in treating trauma and healing the brain. When we change brain activity we can help ourselves to reduce and manage our cognition and mood symptoms.


Focussed breathing techniques can help change the brain in 4 ways

  • Less activation in the fear centre of the brain and increases our ability to relax 

  • Reduces anger and emotional outbursts 

  • Reduces dissociation and numbing

  • Improves concentration, attention and awareness  

  • Improves emotional regulation and decision making


Therapeutic Breathwork 

I have Certificate in Breathwork and offers

Therapeutic Breathwork sessions for

Individuals and Couples 

Breathwork sessions are tailored to suit your individual needs and involve conscious connected breathing as seen in the video

Conscious Connected Breathing has numerous benefits to our physical emotional and mental states. 

It is advisable to attend more than one session of Therapeutic Breathwork to notice or see change if you are processing particular issues that require deeper therapeutic work.

It is also fine to attend one session if you are on an exploratory journey of self discovery but please bear in mind that attending one session will have its limitations with regards to change and transformation in ones life

**Suzanne is currently focussing on furthering her training specifically in Holotropic Breathwork. This training is extensive Psychotherapeutic Breathwork training that requires a significant amount of hours to be listed as a Holotropic Breathwork Practitioner

Breathwork Techniques 

Breathwork techniques are also available to you without having to attend a therapeutic breathwork session

If you are new to breathwork or breathing techniques you might find this a more comfortable introduction as all of the breathing techniques can be done sitting comfortably on a chair 

As part of this session you will learn a variety of breathing techniques that support your overall wellness

You will be given a take home pack so you can practice all of the breathing techniques at home in between appointments 

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