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Internal Family Systems

Internal Family Systems is and evidence based approach that works from the idea that everyone is made up of a variety of "parts" .  In order for healing to occur we must get to know our parts on a deeper level. Through help from a practitioner that is familiar with this system we can  then identify the roots of presenting problems and support ourselves to experience greater wellbeing in our lives

IFS is based on an integrative model and was developed by Richard Schwartz in the 1990's who had training in systems thinking and family therapy. 

IFS has a number of assumptions 

  • All parts of you are welcome 

  •  All parts of you have good intentions even though their effects may be unhelpful 

  • Our parts carry burdens and take on protective roles in our system

  • We all have what is called Self Energy.  We are born with this which means that we do not have to create it or cultivate it 

  •  When we explore and discover our parts we offer ourselves the opportunity to unburden their outdated jobs and create new possibilities for the future


  • Permanently healing emotional wounds (bearing in mind that this also takes time and commitment)

  • Allowing extreme roles of our parts to be released of their role to create a new reality

  • Learning how to embody Self Leadership 

  • Helping your parts Integrate back into your system


In IFS therapy, the Self is different from our parts.  It has a healing capacity that sometimes would be referred to as our Soul or Core and for some people it is a spiritual state of being. IFS offers the opportunity to experience the state of Self. An IFS Therapist supports and helps someone to maintain a state of Self so they can become their own therapist. Increased internal harmony often results in positive outcomes both in the internal and external world.  

I work specifically through an IFS lense which includes psychotherapy, IFS & Somatic IFs

I work with people who have specifically experienced the following and would like support to address these concerns


  • Trauma, Physical ,Emotional & Psychological Abuse  

  • Anxiety, Depression, suicidal ideation

  • Chronic Illness & Autoimmune Concerns

  •  Eating Distress & Relationship with Food

  • Guilt , Shame & Self Criticism

  • Migrants living away from home

  • Spiritual Emergency , Spiritual Concerns & Existential Anxiety

  • Integrating Psychedelic experiences


Sometimes IFS will be integrated into a traditional talk therapy session. However a typical IFS Therapy session will focus on supporting and helping the individual connect with their internal world. It also helps the individual connect with their different parts with the support of Self Energy. So you might be invited to close your eyes and go inwards as the therapists guides you through the process of accessing your parts to gain some insight into these parts. The parts may be in the form of sensation, feeling, movement or visual image to name a few. 


The process is usually internally focused, which means that it offers you the opportunity to get curious about parts of yourself, get to know their job in your system and then the opportunity to unburden parts as they arise for you.

Please remember that IFS Therapy is deep work for you. It is very beneficial for you to offer yourself curiosity, compassion and patience during this type of therapy, as with all therapy. 


Internal Family Systems

Practices that foster embodied self 

Somatic IFS is informed by the principles of IFS. Like IFS where the goal is to support the person to have access to more self energy  and be the lead in their system, somatic ifs helps the person restore an embodied self . The core of somatic IFS is Somatic awareness which also includes practices that encourage use of the breath, Resonance, Movement & Touch.


Somatic IFS came about to bridge the gap between body and mind in therapy.  The intention of somatic IFS is to include somatic practices as part of the process.  Just like IFS the intention is the same to heal a person of the burdens that they carry as described above. 

I offer IFS & Somatic IFS sessions in Person & Online - worldwide.  My current time zone is Australian Western Standard Time. GMT+8

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