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 Psychedelic Integration Facilitation

Psychedelic Integration Therapy can be used for a variety of experiences that involve non ordinary states of consciousness including Breathwork, Sound Therapy &  Psychedelic Medicine experiences 

Please note that  in Australia,  Psychedelic-Assisted Psychotherapy is still illegal and there is also no legal access to entheogens at the present time.  I do not offer psychedelics or encourage the use of psychedelics. I offer psychedelic integration therapy that fosters a harm minimisation approach if you are using psychedelic medicines .

Sometimes we forget that planning, preparation and integration are as crucial as the Journey or sessions itself and substantial preparation & Integration can have a more positive impact and outcome from your experience. 

It is usually after the experience that offers the opportunity for life changes and transformation to occur and for these to be integrated into your everyday life. Therefore it can be useful to receive support throughout the process in addition to the experience itself

Psychedelic medicines & non ordinary state practices have supported civilisations for thousands of years and there is still  significant use of these medicines for recreational, spiritual and therapeutic purposes.

The Taboo surrounding the use of these substances can make it difficult to receive the correct and safe practice guidelines as well as support with regards to the preparation, planning, integration and meaning making of these experiences.

My own experiences with non ordinary states including Medicine, Sound Therapy & Breathwork along with my knowledge and training of the IFS Model , Somatic IFS Model, Psychedelic Specific Psychotherapy can be used to assist you as you undertake your own journey with Psychedelics. I aim to offer you a compassionate, open and non judgemental supportive space that assists you have the best outcome for yourself.

Psychedelic Integration sessions focus specifically on safety, education, preparation and meaningful

integration of your psychedelic journey. Along with education and guidance the

use of IFS Therapy & Somatic Therapies are used to support you with your


In doing this work I can help in any of the following ways:

    Provide knowledge and information on deciding if this is the right

option for you

Preparation: What do I need to establish in my set and setting to

make the most out of my upcoming experience? Personal research is also a

very important component as part of the preparation process

Integration: How do I integrate the personal insights, lessons, and

messages I experienced in my psychedelic experience? What do I want my

life to look and feel like now?

In our sessions together we may use mindfulness, somatic therapies,

sound therapy, breathwork and IFS therapy as options for this part of

your process

Getting grounded: Learning ways to stay grounded in your body and

connected to new insights and learnings from the experience

Meaning making of a difficult experience. These experiences may not

always be fun and enjoyable. They can be intense and sometimes frightening.

Its important that you have support that you need to move through any



I am available for international consultation & integration sessions that support people who plan on using medicines as well as thoughs who sit with others during the use of medicine sessions


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