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Frequently Asked Questions 

Are you a Registered Clinical Psychologist ?

The simple answer is no as I am a trained and registered Psychotherapist & Counsellor. I completed a 4 year Bachelor of Science (Hons) in my field and have completed a variety of Post Grad Training. I then progressed to complete 3 years training in Gestalt therapy and IFS. For more details on my training see here: 


There are lots of similarities and differences between Psychologists and Psychotherapists.  Some Psychologists are Psychotherapist and some Psychotherapists are Psychologists .

Psychologists have a 4 year training program in general and their training focuses on Mental Health and sometimes Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.  Psychology is regulated by AHPRA in Australia. Initial training as a Psychologist does not require you to undergo your own personal therapy but sometimes Psychologists will do further training in approaches such as Psychodynamics, Gestalt, Family Therapy which focus more on the talk therapy elements of their work.

Psychotherapists usually undertake a 3-4 year qualification that involves personal therapy and specialises in a range of issues including anxiety, depression, grief and loss etc. and learning a variety of talk therapy models including Choice Theory, Gestalt, Schema Therapy, Psychodynamic Therapy.  Psychotherapy assists people to explore and understand yourself and your experiences.  It also helps you identify how past experience influence your current responses to lifes' events . Most therapists are either a member of ACA or PACFA in Australia


Do you offer Medicare Rebates  ?

I do not offer Medicare rebates to clients even if you have a GP referral with a Mental Health Care Plan. Psychotherapists have not been given access to receive Medicare rebates although this is likely to change in the future due to demand. If you are a member of Medibank Private or AHM you may be able to claim part of your sessions through your funding provider.  Please ensure that you check your level of cover with your provider as I cannot directly provide the rebate for you.

Do you work with children, couples or families?  

This used to be part of my work, however now I only see people for individual work who are over the age of 21

How long are your sessions?

Session times vary from 60 minutes to 90 minutes - we have a discussion about this when we decide to begin working together on what is available and best suited to your needs

Do you offer online appointments ?

Yes I offer online zoom sessions for those who cannot make it to me in person

Have you got a waiting list ?

At the moment I can see you generally within 2 - 3 weeks of your initial request. If I am unable to see you I will refer you onto a colleague that has similar training and ways of working.

What are your working hours

I work Monday to Thursday. My appointments start at 8am and last appointment of the day is 5.30pm


I want to see you and my partner or someone close to me would like to see you separately,  is this possible?

Generally if you are seeing me for Psychotherapy I will not see someone close to you at the same time as this would be a conflict of interest.

However there are other ways of working with me that can facilitate an alternative process for you.

Please contact me and I will explain what is possible and what is not possible in relation to my work with you.

Have you got an area that you are an expert in or specialise with?

We are all complex Individuals and I value that each person is an expert of themselves. At the same time there are many areas that I am interested in working with and have sought out Professional Development trainings to further my experience in a variety of areas.I have worked with many different themes during my time as a therapist.  I have a strong interest in working with Trauma especially complex trauma, PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, People living away from home, Family Relationship difficulties, Eating Distress, Body Image concerns, Psychedelic Integration, Guilt & Shame 

Do you offer other services in addition to  Psychotherapy & IFS Therapy

Yes I offer an Integrative approach to Therapy for people who are interested in blending a variety of therapies which includes 

- IFS & Somatic IFS (Internal Family Systems Sessions) 

- Sound Therapy 

- Breathing Techniques & Breathwork Sessions 

- Psychoeducation Sessions which inform you of your psychological process & ways to deal with things short term


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