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The Gong Circle is an opportunity for you to join a small group of people on a regular basis to bask in the Sound & Vibrations of Gong Therapy, Meditation and Relaxation. The Gong Circle has been designed to offer small group experiences to those who are looking for an intimate setting that fosters COMMUNITY, CONNECTION and CONSISTENCY. The Gong Circle is idea for you if you wish to develop your own relationship and healing through Gong Therapy.  You will be supported by a Sound Therapist who has many years experience working with Gongs, Voice and Meditation. 


Included in these session are the following:

- Gong Therapy 

- Community & Connection Time

- A small group setting maximum 6 people 

- Regular sessions every 4 - 6 weeks with the same people 

- 90 minute Evening Sessions (opportunity for both INDOOR and OUTDOOR sessions - members choice ) 

- Cost $70 per session

If this feels like it is for you I invite you to express your interest with me and I will get back to you with the finer details

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