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Sanctuary of Embodied Therapies - Workshops 06


Trauma lives in the body. It takes up space in our muscles, fascia and cells. Trauma healing does not happen via talking alone and requires us to look at ways to heal that goes beyond talk therapy. What we do know about trauma is that it can impact our nervous system , thus impacting our thoughts, emotions, actions & relationships 


Our Nervous System, Trauma and the Body are all linked. We can learn and relearn how to respond to distress and stress which is critical for our health and wellbeing. Healthy self regulation is part of knowing your body, learning to listen to its signals and what to do when stress gets too much . The more we learn the more resourceful we can be to deal with life stressors.


The Nervous System, Trauma and Beyond series is a fortnightly online space where

a variety of topics will be discussed on the Nervous System including

- The Nervous System

- Your brain on trauma 

- Self Compassion

- Experiential Exercises

- Meditations 

Sanctuary of Embodied Therapies - Leaf Illustration
Sanctuary of Embodied Therapies - Leaf Illustration


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For the remainder of 2023 the theme will focus on SELF COMPASSION

Sanctuary of Embodied Therapies - Meditiation Graphic

"Trauma is the invisible force that shapes our lives. It shapes the way we live, the way we love and the way we make sense of the world. It is the root of our deepest wounds"

- Gabor Mate

Sanctuary of Embodied Therapies - Moon Graphic

“When you were young and experienced traumas or attachment injuries, you didn't have enough body or mind to protect yourself. Your Self couldn't protect your parts, so your parts lost trust in your Self as the inner leader"

- Richard Schwartz

Sanctuary of Embodied Therapies - Meditation Graphic

“What I do know is that we become traumatized when our ability to respond to a perceived threat is in some way overwhelmed" 

- Peter Levine

Sanctuary of Embodied Therapies - Meditation Graphic

“No recovery from trauma is possible without attending to issues of safety, care for the self, reparative connections to other human beings, and a renewed faith in the universe"

- Janina Fisher 

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