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Your Nervous System, Trauma & Beyond

Trauma lives in the body. It takes up space in our muscles, fascia and cells. Trauma healing does not happen via talking alone and requires us to look at ways to heal that goes beyond talk therapy. What we do know about trauma is that it can impact our nervous system , thus impacting our thoughts, emotions, actions & relationships 


Moving yourself out of trauma is more than a cognitive affair and requires interaction with the Body

In this session we will discuss the importance of mindfulness and the body
and then we will participate in an experiential exercise of a Moving Body Scan

The moving body scan is a great tool to have if you want to train the mindfullness of you own body with the support of micromovements

Next ONLINE Meeting: Monday 22nd May at 7pm AWST

Attendance is FREE, however please request the Zoom link to join 

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