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IFS Led - Self Inquiry Circle 

Sanctuary of Embodied Therapies (Suzanne Herrity) will be offering the next round of the IFS Led Group Self Inquiry Circle.  This Group Program is an ONLINE Introductory Program to IFS in a small group setting 

The circle is a closed group of people coming together who would like to:
- D
eepen and expand the relationship they have with themselves  
Allow the opportunity to develop healthy relationships within a small community of people
Help you foster connection with who you truly are  
Learn and come to recognise aspects of yourself that are showing up again and again and you would like to change this for yourself   

The aim of the group is to engage in therapeutic process led by the IFS principles 
There is a maximum of 6 - 8  participants per group and the group is held for a period of 6 sessions fortnightly 

FAQ's regarding attending the group


What is the process to apply for the program


-  Watch the Introduction video (link below) about IFS, how the program can help you and the benefits of attending the group

- If you are interested in pursuing the group you can then apply to attend the program. Included in the application process will be a 20 minute discussion with Suzanne to check that this is a good match for you

- Once your application is approved and payment is made you will receive a short self study program (2 hours) for you to complete prior to starting the 6 session program 

What days and times will the program run?

- The program starts as soon as there are 5 people registered and will run for a period of 6 sessions fortnightly. Depending on the availability of applicants will depend on the timings but this will be factored in when you complete your application

Is this a Therapy Group?
- Yes, this is a therapeutic group. It does not replace 1:1 Therapy but is something that can
actually support your therapy process 

If I am seeing you as a client already can I attend this group in addition to my sessions with you?
-Yes absolutely you are welcome to apply 

If I miss any of the group sessions can I get a refund?
- The full rates are required to attend the group and I encourage you to attend all sessions 


I already know about IFS, attend my own therapy, is this group program going to benefit me?


- I would say absolutely, when we partake in a group we offer ourselves the space to be supported by others, to support others, to have corrective experiences and also to experience tools and learn about new ideas that will support out daily life  


What is IFS?


Check out this video by Dick Schwartz the founder of IFS - this will explain in more detail how IFS works 


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