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The path to absolute self love, leadership & compassion begins when you learn to honour yourself as a full and whole human being.


It was my own journey and lived experience that led me here today.


In my mid-twenties I had a deep desire to learn more about my inner workings. This led me to explore Psychotherapy, Psycho-Spiritual Therapy and Integrative Therapeutic practices to assist me with my lived experience of trauma and to begin to reclaim my own being. 


​Parts of me that have experienced anxiety, depression, isolation, loneliness, eating distress and body image concerns remained in an exiled place until I had the courage to uncover and heal my wounds of the past.


As I’ve grown older, I’ve learnt and embodied what it is like to be in my own power and grow through my lived experience of bullying, emotional, psychological and physical abuse. 


Through my own personal journey and healing I’ve moved towards the parts of myself that I rejected, criticised and ridiculed and I found peace with my being in a curious and compassionate way. 


I’m now able to honour myself as a full and whole human being.


I want to share these lessons and learnings with you!


I offer my personal experiences to you as a way for you to connect in with all of your own parts and guide you towards a relationship of connection , strength and courage in your own existence

3 years ago I made the decision to go into private practice which allows me to interweave  Integrative therapies with Psychotherapy including Sound Therapy, Breathwork, Somatic Therapies, IFS (Somatic IFS & Psychedelic IFS), Shamanic practices, Transpersonal Therapy.

There have been many moments of joy in my life and at the same time a lot of suffering, trauma and pain.  I have learnt that all of my parts who have been working hard to protect me over the years were only doing their best for me as they felt abandoned, isolated and neglected. There also has been parts of me that have encouraged me to follow my passions and dreams and to use my creativity with the work that I do.

I have been lucky enough to develop a relationship with all parts of myself and offer them courage, compassion and curiosity this being an ongoing relationship with them

My hope for everyone that I work alongside is that you allow yourself to experience all aspects of who you are so you can walk your own path of absolute  Self Love, Leadership & Compassion.


A little more about me personally........

Originally from Ireland moving to Australia on reflection was a means from me to escape familial and cultural pain and burdens that I was holding onto in my own system.

I put expectations on myself from a very early age that less than perfect was not good enough, to be a success in the world I needed to follow a pattern that did not fit with who I was truly.

I spent many years in a polarised position between who I wanted to be versus who I was expected to be in the world. This lead to an immense amount of Toxic Shame & Guilt  which the world saw as anxiety, depression &  body hate, perfectionism and shut down.

All of these parts of me would be managed by modes of Numbing myself including drugs, alcohol, eating, Hypo & Hyper Aroused Behaviours.

In my early 30's as a single parent I made the decision to study Counselling & Psychotherapy. It was a great opportunity for me to take stock and question who I was in the world, what did I want from my life, what did I need, What were my values & beliefs and how did I want to show up in the world and be the best version of myself ?

The last 15 years have offered me that opportunity; firstly, by engaging in my own personal psychotherapy journey.


If you’re ready to begin your own healing journey towards self love, leadership & compassion go to the "Book an Appointment" link to arrange an initial consultation with me.  I offer a FREE 20 minute no obligation phone call prior to us meeting


Qualifications & Training


  • Diploma in Counselling - PCI College Dublin,Ireland 2010

  • BSc (Hons) Counselling & Psychotherapy - Middlesex University, 2011

  • 3 yr  Post Grad Gestalt Therapy Training 

  • IFS - Internal Family Systems - Level 1 - IFS Institute

  • Somatic IFS - Susan Mc Connell

I am a PACFA (Psychotherapy & Counselling Federation of Australia) Clinical Member 

I continue with professional development ongoing that has a focus on Somatic Therapies, Trauma, Eating & Body Image & Psychedelic Integration

I have training and experience which informs my work with you and includes 

  • Person Centred Psychotherapy

  •  Relational, Existential & Gestalt Therapy 

  • Somatic Therapy , Breathwork, Sound Therapy & Transpersonal Therapy

  • The work of Gabor Mate, Frank Anderson, Janina Fisher & Peter Levine in healing trauma 

  • The work of Bob Falconer in the Farther Reaches of IFS, Unattached Burdens & Psychedelic Care

  • The work of Stan Grof in Non Ordinary States of Consciousness and Holotropic States 

Psychedelic Specific Professional Development

  • The Fundamentals of Psychedelic Psychotherapy  - Mind Medicine Australia

  • Introduction to IFS & Psychedelics - Nancy Morgan

  • Somatics & Psychedelics - The Embody Lab

  • IFS & Psychedelics - Bob Falconer 

  • The Farther reaches of IFS Therapy , Unattached Burdens & Guides - Bob Falconer

  • Ethical Right Relationships in Psychedelic Therapy - Kylea Taylor 

  • Understanding Psilocybin: Effects, Neurobiology, and Therapeutic Approaches - Psychedelic Support 

current training in progress 2023

  • Holotropic Breathwork 

  • IFS Level 2 - Addictions & Eating Disorders 

Initial Consultation Fees

Your Initial Consultation Fee with me will cost you $150 

I discuss fee structure with you after our initial meeting 

You may be able to claim Medibank Private or AHM depending on your cover 

I do not offer Medicare Rebates or Bulk Billing Services 

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