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Food, Body, LOVE 

A self discovery exploration 

To change your relationship with food


Right now your relationship with food & your body is complicated 

You find it hard to make long lasting changes that don’t trigger restricting and binge cycles 

You have learnt that food is the enemy and should be categorised into good and bad foods which in turn can activate a cycle of shame within you when you eat “bad foods”

You have learnt that food is the enemy and you must calorie count and weigh yourself every week to ensure that you keep your body looking a certain way 

You don’t trust your body to tell you about what nutrients it needs and have forgotten what those internal cues feel like inside of you

Society has told you that in order to be a full acceptable human being that you need to look a certain way to be attractive to others 

You find it a little hopeless because you’re constantly struggling with how you look, what you eat and how you can move forward in a balance way


I want you to know that it IS possible to change your relationship with food 

You need to learn how to be IN your body and be WITH your body rather than it being the enemy 


I’ve created something specifically for you to relearn and explore a different way to RE-develop and RE- relationship with food and your body 

This FREE exploration will offer you:

  • An overview of WHY your relationship with food and your body is about the FOOD and NOT about the food  

  • You will start to understand the true relationship that you have with food and how it’s more complex than the food itself.

  • You will learn that your relationship with food is more complex than the food itself. 

  • You will learn about your the emotional attachment with food and how it comes from you past experiences, how they come from past experiences 

  • You will be able to understand your body from the inside out and tracking sensations, emotions and the difference between emotions and hunger so you can heal your relationship with food

  • You will learn about the parts of you that get triggered in different situations that may activate emotional eating, binge cycles or restriction and how to heal this

  • You will learn to explore the parts of you that are associated with your relationship with food 

  • You will be less critical of yourself when it comes to food and how you see your body 


INCLUDED in this free exploration:

  • Step by step instructions to get the most out of this self discovery exploration Instructions on how to best use this information

  • Audio recording to give you an insight into the complexity of your relationship with food and why it’s essential knowledge if you want to heal your relationship explain to you why this issue is about the food AND not about the food 

  • Learn how to map the parts of you related to food and your body and learn to understand their interconnectedness

  • Short guided insight work to reflect on a part of you that finds it difficult to move towards change

  • A meditation for you to explore this part of you that you are having difficulty with 

  • Reflective practice on what came up for you during the experiential practice 

  • Action points to explore as part of the experiential practice 

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Please note that workshops and offerings are not intended to replace ongoing ifs therapy, however they can raise your awareness, support your daily practices and open up areas for exploration and healing 

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